Le livre EAT ME reprend toutes les recettes urbaines qui ont fait le succès du projet. Auto-édité et imprimé en 300 exemplaires, le livre permet page à page, la découverte du processus de création de ce projet insolite !

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Cook mattresses? Lor-K uses abandoned objects in urban spaces to create ephemeral sculptures on our sidewalks. For her latest project, she tracked mattresses to turn them into Panini, Kebab, Cupcake and other Street-Food. Oversized and colorful, previously disgusting mattresses suddenly become appetizing! After a year of cooking on the street, Lor-K is now releasing his cookbook. Coming from the EAT ME project and real assessment of experience, discover, page by page, the construction of this unusual project!

For this first book, Victoria Renaud is in the kitchen! Graphic designer at "Champ libre records", it is during a trip to London that she discovers English punk culture and its alternative editions. Fascinated by DIY fanzines and artists' books, she is passionate about independent projects with limited copies. Appetite by the EAT ME project, collaboration has become inevitable!

Self-publishing / 300 copies / Numbered and signed

168 pages / 21x21 cm

(Translated French & English)

PAGINATION : 168 pages + 8 de garde + 4 de couverture COUVERTURE : Impression 4+0 R° • Papier couché silk • Blanc 130 g Vernis mat • Collé sur carton 2.5 mm PAGES DE GARDE : Sans impression • Papier off set • Noir • 140 g INTÉRIEUR : Impression 4+4 R°/V° • Papier couché Silk • Blanc 170 g Façonnage : 216 mm x 216 mm • Dos droit +/-2,5mm • reliure cousue collée • Tranchefile